What is VitalChew?

VitalChew is a new range of fish oil-based food supplements for dogs. The four VitalChew varieties each contain fish oil with high levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. The four varieties are specially developed to meet dogs’ needs in different conditions, sizes and ages.

The unique, high concentrations of fish oil with essential omega-3 fatty acids ensure that VitalChew is extremely effective.

Why fish oil is good for your dog

You should always make sure that your dog’s diet contains fat (this also applies to people). This is because food is the only source of a number of important fatty acids that the dog cannot produce itself. Fish oil contains two fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which are vital for dogs.

For example, studies show that DHA is essential for normal development of the nervous system, sight and hearing in puppies. VitalChew Puppy Health, with its particularly high content of DHA, therefore helps to support puppies’ development.

Fish oil is more than just fish oil

Most food supplements based on fish oil use a standard oil with 18% EPA and 12% DHA. EPA and DHA are the technical terms for two of the beneficial fatty acids contained in fish oil. So a dog that is given a standard food supplement often only gets 30% beneficial fatty acids. VitalChew contains very high quality, concentrated fish oil, and with a concentration of up to 60% of the beneficial fatty acids.

In order to benefit the joints and musculoskeletal system, for example, dogs need high levels of EPA. That’s why VitalChew Joint + Mobility contains a fish oil with 50% EPA and 10% DHA. In order to promote a puppy’s development or a senior dog’s well-being, however, it is more DHA that is needed. VitalChew Puppy Health and Senior Health therefore contain 50% DHA and 10% EPA.

The four VitalChew varieties are therefore specially developed to meet dogs’ needs in different conditions, sizes and ages.

Developed by vets

VitalChew is developed in collaboration with Dr. Ronald Jan Corbee (DVM, PhD, Dipl ECVCN). His recognised research and results form the scientific background for the development of VitalChew. That is to say, there is solid research behind the ingredients and ratio of EPA and DHA (beneficial fatty acids), vitamins and minerals in each of the four VitalChew varieties.

Ronald Jan Corbee works on veterinary comparative nutrition at the University of Utrecht, one of the most recognised veterinary universities in Europe.

Easy for you and healthy for your dog

Easy in everyday life
A box of VitalChew contains 30 gel tablets for the dog to chew. You press a VitalChew gel tablet out of the blister pack and give it to your dog, just as you give a treat. No more liquid fish oil, which can drip, smell and smear on kitchen tables, floors and clothes.

Long shelf life
VitalChew is supplied in airtight blister packs. This ensures a long shelf life because oxygen cannot get into the gel tablets. By comparison, liquid fish oil can start to smell only a few weeks after opening, and it often has to be thrown out.

Give your dog VitalChew every day for maximum effect
An important starting point for achieving the maximum effect of any food supplement is to remember to give it to your dog every day. Each VitalChew gel tablet contains a measured daily dosage that does not smell or smear and which dogs seem to like. Therefore, both you and your dog will connect the daily VitalChew ritual with something positive and pleasant. The practical blister packs also make it easy for you to take VitalChew on holiday or to your summer cottage, as well as ensuring that you always give your dog the right dose.

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